This site contains the schedule, papers, pictures and videos of JDG sessions of 2003-2009. The web's format mimics that of the official Ox-Juris web of the time. It is preserved for its anecdotal interest. The current JDG website is here.

This is the website of Oxford's Jurisprudence Discussion Group (JDG), a cornerstone of Oxford's thriving Jurisprudence community.

Out-of-term meetings until week 13... don't miss the Summer fun!

The JDG is a forum which allows students and faculty (both Oxford and non-Oxford) to present their work in a friendly environment. It offers an ideal setting to engage in discussion and debate about theories, arguments, intuitions, dogmas, misunderstandings, heresies... in the philosophy of law, broadly understood.
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Oxford graduate students and faculty in Jurisprudence are amongst the regular JDG attendees. Much of the published work of Oxford Jurisprudence academics has, at some stage, been defended and challenged at the JDG.
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Here is this term's schedule (and papers for download).

We meet on Thursdays at 8pm in the Goodhart Seminar Room (University College). Come at 7.45pm for pre-talk drinks! The meetings (presentation and discussion) last until 9.30pm and are followed by a time for informal conversation with drinks and refreshments (in the same room).
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Anyone interested is welcome.

The JDG is convened by Maris Köpcke Tinturé, Guy Sela, and Raquel van der Wijk. We can be contacted here. The site editor is Maris Köpcke Tinturé, who is responsible for the site's form and content, including any opinions expressed. More about the site

Website optimized for all those who think that an informal version of the main Jurisprudence website is a good way to capture the informal character of the JDG vis-ŕ-vis the main Jurisprudence lectures/seminars.

The Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group is kindly supported by Hart Publishing.

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"Hart's method points out a land which is left to his readers and hearers to hazard to enter" (J. Finnis)

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2 June 2009 (Tue), fourth Stavropoulos Equality seminar

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